A reliable lift service company is imperative for all multi-level businesses. The maintenance and servicing of company lifts is a legal responsibility of building owners or managers. When selecting a service provider it is important to be confident in the service that will be received. An efficient preventative maintenance programme can help to maximise the lifespan of the lifting equipment and can save money on costly repairs. An experienced company with a proven track record is often a trustworthy choice.

Northern Elevator Limited maintain passenger lifts, goods lifts, dumbwaiter lifts, car lifts and platform lifts in the UK’s residential, commercial, and industrial environments. The team are focused on maintaining good working relationships with all customers and suppliers and by doing so have built a strong reputation in the industry. NEL offer a 24/7 national support and call out service which can be accessed by all customers.

Ed Wilkie, Repair and Service Manager at Northern Elevator Limited commented; “NEL offer a proactive approach to PPM, providing real planned preventative maintenance with the aim of keeping our customers equipment safe and reliable. We allow the correct amount of time for our engineers to properly service the equipment as opposed to many of our competitors who have moved to ‘visual’ inspections. NEL have a diverse workforce that have many years working in the industry across many different products and manufacturers allowing us to provide innovative and market leading solutions to our customers.”

For more information or to receive a service contact quotation, contact the office on  0191 271 9800 or email directly info@northern-elevator.com