Northern Elevator Ltd are currently the lift maintenance provider for all the lifting equipment across the Durham University portfolio and have just taken on 9 more. The full portfolio is spread across multiple campuses, sites and buildings and is made up of over 100 units, ranging from passenger lifts through to small step lifts. The lifts come from a wide variety of manufacturers and cover Hydraulic and traction. The previous 4 year contract term has recently ended and NEL have been successful in winning the tender exercise for another 4 years.

The scope of the contract is to provide planned preventative maintenance, alongside reactive call out and repair services. There are multiple KPIs that are a requirement of the contract such as a 4 hour response to a breakdown, and a 1 hour response to an entrapment. During the first term of the contract Northern Elevator were successful in hitting the KPI response times for both types of reactive calls. This was achieved by having the correct amount of resource available for the demands of the contract, NEL have assigned 2 resident engineers to the Durham University campus that live locally to the site, by doing this it allows for the engineers to become familiar with the equipment and the estates team at Durham University which allows for a productive working environment.

The Durham University contract requires daily reporting to be provided, the report provides information such as lifts that are out of service, whether it is a technical reason and the lead time on returning the unit to service. This information is pulled directly from the companies service system and can be personalised depending on the customer’s requirements.

On commencement of the contract Northern Elevator provided each installation with a log card containing the client reference, lift serial number and individual information, this was stored within the lift motor room and is filled out every time an engineer visits site, this includes for all PPM visits, call outs, repairs and also details a checklist for the PPM schedule.

Northern Elevator are proud to announce that within the first contract they were able to reduce the call outs across the portfolio by around 40% from the previous maintenance provider, this was due to the excellent PPM maintenance plan that was implemented. This was made from an extensive dilapidation exercise across every unit in the portfolio, from this they were able to see which lifts require more time to be spent on them meaning reliability can be restored. In the case where equipment was irreparable or worn a capital budget plan was put together for the University Estates team, this allows them to pick the critical units to restore.

For information on the maintenance packages on offer, Contact the office directly